Dog Sounding Molar Stick Toothbrush Toys

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Color : blue

Sounding Toys Molar Stick Dog Toothbrush Squeak Dog Toys: ToysPlacing two whistle at both ends can better attract the dog's attention and improve its interest in playing. This product is suitable for any breed of dog (including aggressive dogs).Triangular cone molar protrusion It is used to clean the dog's incisors. When the dog is playing with this toy, the dog's incisors will bite the protruding area of the triangular cone molars, so as to deeply clean the incisors. Guarding your dog's front teeth on a daily basis will keep them healthier. newly designedserrated molar protrusions serrated molar protrusions Horizontal and vertical distribution.

Squeak Dog Toy: Two whistles are placed at both ends of the toy, which can attract dog's attention better and improve its interest in playing.This product is suitable for dogs in any kinds of breeds (including ferocious dogs).

The triangular cone-shaped molar protrusion is designed to clean the dog'sincisors, when dog is playing with this toy, dog' incisors will bite thetriangular cone-shaped molar protrusion area,  which will clean the incisorsdeeply. Daily protection of dogs' incisors will keep them more healthy.

The newly designed serrated molar protrusions are distributed horizontally and vertically.
According to the dog's chewing habits, the dog usually use molars when chewing thisproduct. Each serrated molar protrusion is designed with 2 protrusions, so that whenthe dog chews this product it will increase friction between the molar protrusions andmolars, which will clean up the calculus and dirt on the molars thoroughly.

Thoroughly clean the dirt and stones on the front of the dog's teeth.
to ensure the health of the dog's teeth every minute when they are at home by themselves, preventing destroy from furnitureand clothes.It is come true that dogs brush teeth by themselves.

Designed with a suction cup, which can be fixed on a smooth surfacehorizontally, vertically, or upside down. Also it can be used at variousheights. It is designed according to the dog's habits,  which isconvenient for the dog to bite the product with two claws.

Applying toothpaste or attractant on the outside of the newly designedtooth cleaning channel will have a better tooth cleaning effect.

We guarantee that this product is safe and non-toxic, and this product has passed CE, RoHS, FCC,FDA certificates.